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"The signature Plum cake
matured to perfection."

Infused with honey-soaked fruits and left to mature for months, the iconic Mattanchère Spice Cake is baked to a rich brown colour and then sealed to lock in the moisture, flavour and fragrance. Our Mattanchère Spice Cake is a tribute to the vivacious small town of Mattancherry which is an ancient centre of the spice trade. This place has always called out to us and remains a permanent source of inspiration giving our classic matured plum cake the name ‘ Mattanchère Spice’.

Ingredients are sourced from far and wide early in the year. After three decades of experience we have mastered the real taste of a rich, premium plum cake with deeply soaked honey infused raisins, candied orange peel, ginger flakes and nutmeg which are some of the key ingredients.

Our Plum cake has been perfected over three decades. Seasoned with iconic Mathanchere spices, and made with the best ingredients sourced from around the world, this classic cake brings in the holiday cheer in the very best way.

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